Explore these websites to find support & information for your quit plan.

Beocome An Ex
Relearn life without cigarettes. From the Mayo Clinic
An excellent site for dealing with triggers and forming new habits
Twitter, online & phone app for three step quit plan
Fixnixer Quit Program
Uses mobile & online technology to help youth quit tobacco
Plan is customized to you and your needs
Tools to help users overcome their excuses for using tobacco and resources to help you quit
Many other resources & links
A site dedicated to youth cessation. Ex-smoker "quit coaches" available to chat online with teens trying to quit
On-line tobacco game
use password "kicknick" -- smoking calculator, quit calendar and diary, lots of links
"What would you say?"
Unfiltered TV
A variety of adolescent-friendly resources. Excellent quit tips and a great tobacco-related search engine
College substance abuse prevention
Student health and safety issues. Go to Tobacco Free U. Facts on Smoking Marijuana and other information.
Own Your C
All about making informed decisions. Creators of our journal.
QuitDoingIt Labs
Innovative tools to help youth quit smoking
The Cigarette Is Dead
Inspiration & tools to help you quit and some disturbing advertisements
My Last Dip
Dip intervention program

Chemical Bonding
Chemical Bond Formation
Chemical Bonding Quiz
Electrons & Bonding
Dots Chemical Bonding

Elements on the Periodic Table
The Periodic Table of Videos

Bohr's Atom
Atoms & Spectra

Photos show a history of Colorado
Maps, timelines and lots of history. Check this out
Satellite maps & photos
Front Range Geology